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Blue Screen of Death:
The well known state where Windows displays a solid blue screen with lots of seemingly random numbers and letters describing where a critical component of Windows NT has just crashed. This is unrecoverable save to reboot.
C2 Rating:
The lowest "secure" level of ratings in the Orange Book. This is only comparable to other ratings within the Orange Book, not other Rainbow Books.
National Computer Security Center, a governmental branch deeply involved in keeping the government's computer secure.
Orange Book:
Part of the Rainbow Books. This describes the necessary security features of non-connected computer systems. For an Orange Book compliant system it may not be on a network.
Rainbow Books:
The governmental standards for security. All computers in a secure governmental facility must fit within a specific rating, depening on the use of the computer.
Red Book:
Similar to the Orange Book, this describes the necessary security features of a networked computer system. Microsoft has never publically attempted to get a Red Book compliant version of NT. It should be noted that since Ed Curry was involved, the certification process has changed dramatically and become significantly more vendor frendly, so these terms have quite a bit less meaning in today's environment.
That is, itself a problem, as it is easier to get Red Book certification now than Orange Book certification a few years ago. One would think the Smart Ships would require more stringent security, all things considered.
Smart Ships:
The infamous NT controlled cruisers. During a routine test, one of these ships was stopped cold by a Blue Screen of Death by the NT computer that controlled it.